Niki Lun

  • Gender: Female
  • Born on: April 26
  • Role: Cam Model

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  • Beginning my journey on May 29th 2016 I never imagined that I would be where I am today, owning my own business and building a family.

    Camming is more than just a log on and log off kind of thing. For me it's art, passion and a way to expand your knowledge. From video editing to marketing skills I have learned and grown tremendously in the last year of camming. I'm still learning and I still make mistakes; however, there is beauty to be created and molded through these mistakes.

    I am striving to be and accomplish even more than I have this past year and I couldn't have made it this far without all the support from my cam family.

    This is my first time participating in AWA and here are the following categories I believe I strive in and could represent. Top Cam Girl, Most Beautiful Cam Girl and Big Booty Cam Model of the Year. Best wishes and support to all other models and supporters
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