Is adult webcam modeling porn?

Some may say. "Well of course, cam modeling is porn!" It's porn anytime you perform a sexual act on webcam!? Or is it? Others would say that while adult webcam modeling maybe legally defined as porn it's truly radically different than porn in the modern sense of the word. Are all adult events for cam models? What is the modern day adult star? Are they pornstars? Or are they cam models? For a long time (30) year perhaps the idea of a adult star was a person who fucked someone else and videotaped in and it was deemed by consumers to be of value enough to be sold. Right? So now that the recorded sex on video market is a shell of what it once was, are adult stars still porn stars? 
What do you think makes cam modeling the same or different than traditional porn? (or what most people would deem to be porn?)
Share your thoughts and insights on these challenging questions?   
on October 25 at 12:25 AM

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