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Within each group you can open topics - Example and How it Works!

Just a heads up if you are new to Within each group you can open a topic for that internet modeling platform. So if you wanted to discuss a topic for any platform specific to the platform simply click TOPIC button within that group and type your topic and comments. 
SEE Featured Image which is an example. Where the cursor is over the TOPIC button. Click this once you join a modeling discussion group and the new topic opens for you. This is how to add topics to platforms. 
If you have questions, feedback, concerns or just want to profess your love for camming on a particular site this is how you do so! This is also a great way to meet other cam models on your site or get discussions going about any topic pertaining to modeling on any cam site. We have groups for ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS. 
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Likewise if you want to try out a new cam site you can find the registration processes and pages here.
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