How to Enter Yourself into the 2019 Adult Webcam Awards ®

HUGE CONGRATS TO THE 2018 Winners!!! LIST HERE: How to Enter Yourself into the 2019 Adult Webcam Awards ®

Here is what we need for a complete nomination: 


1. Your show url. This is the exact web address where fans can see your show.

EXAMPLE: www.platform/performername ) no wl sites please.

2. Two images. Make sure they are good quality images. NON-NUDE. We do not publish nude image. Please also make sure one clearly shows your face and is reasonably wide, if not high res.

3. Your Twitter url. We are very active with social media and your Twitter url helps us engage with you and promote your nomination.

4. The category you feel you should be nominated in and why. We suggest you submit for two categories. PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED AS A CAM MODEL or an an entertainer or model, when you got started, and a little about you and your shows. smile

Example: I got started camming........... I enjoy...........Something unique about me is........ etc etc. Longer is better. Make sure to include the date you started. This in some cases determines the category best suited for the nomination. This really make your nominations stand out and when people visit AWA they love to know more about YOU! These ar the nominations they tend to go check out shows from. Also realize last year AWA got near 2 million page views and thousands of shows came as a result of participation.

5. Take 30 seconds and register at (Social Network and Biz Community for Cam Models).The box at registration will be marked that you wish to participate in the Adult Webcam Awards. If you are here then of course this is already done. 

By including two images, the show url, category picks and why, and your twitter URL, as well as taking a few minutes to register at, you can help ensure your nomination does not get archived for being incomplete.

Make sure you email this to as 1 email with all things together. If it gets broken into numerous emails we get confused because we are talking with so many models. Lastly please realize this is a massive undertaking on our end as we truly try to research top performers at all sites. We do our best but sometimes we make mistakes. Let us know and we will correct any errors right away. 

Lastly please note in 2017 for 2018 Show their will be fewer nominees than last year and their will be 2 phases to voting. Round 1 your average votes per month are what matter. Those with the highest average votes move to round 2. Super votes from platform sponsor then are blended for final scores to determine this years winners.  

Thanks for being the STARS YOUR ARE! 

Adult Webcam Awards ® recognizing the finest in adult webcam entertainers & sites! Nominations are NOT YET OPEN. Check for opening dates. 

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