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How to handle trolls

There are good days and bad days. I usually try to remain positive and full of energy because the way I act affects my members. I try to be myself and keep on entertaining my members in my usual way. The show must go on and whatever you do dance to let off some steam. But what to do with trolls?

So imagine you have one of those days when you receive a piece of bad news. You aren’t made of steel and it affects. There’s nothing you can do. You put on your best face and try to remain focused and motivated. In my case I have the luck of having my members who will brighten my day but there some people who feed of negative energy and try to put in a miserable mood. Or they try think it’s funny, which, by the way, is not. Trolls are never good because they can ruin a good day. I will never understand how some people have a pleasure from making you feel uncomfortable. My first reaction would be to answer back in mean way but I quickly realise that it’s not something that represents me. So I try to remain respectful all the way because I don’t want to ever say something that wouldn’t represent me.
So, come one, let's talk about trolls! How do you handle them?
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