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    I am 29 years old, I am 6 ft tall and weigh 145lbs
    I have brown hair and Beautiful blue eyes
    I am built skinny but I am also athletic
    I have very little body hair naturally, I keep my pubic region well trimmed haha,
    I have 2 tattoos one on each leg, One i am getting covered up asap haha
    (Lesson learned) One is of Texas that i did myself and its OK just needs some touching up.
    I used to Rodeo I rode bulls off and on and won a few good ones too, I wear my buckle proudly! And hope one day to be back on spurring some hide! If not id like to try saddle-bronc that would be cool too! I love riding horses and just getting away from things from time to time it truly is a great thing if you haven't done it yet, Do it! Those are things that made me who I am today!
    In my daily life, I have 2 dogs and love them little suckers, I love Texas, I love fishing, hunting, and just being outside the outdoors and nature is a great place to escape for me!! I am also trying to start my own business and maybe one day expand it into a household name, I love trucks and dirt roads, And i would prefer Music over a movie any day I love listening to good tunes and I do so daily My favorite type of music is rock 60s- the early 2000s to me were the best tunes! I do love country music dont get me wrong what kinda country boy would I be if I didn't listen to some good but as Chris Ledoux says "Even cowboys like a little bit of rock and roll"!!!
    Movie wise I am a comedy guy for sure love to laugh as much as I love to make people laugh! But hey who doesn't love a guy under your arm during a scary movie huh?
    Now how I got into "Camming", Well I always said when I was younger I wanted to be in a porn movie it just seemed intriguing to me, and imean come on some of the girls are out of this world! Well that day never came and here I was 27 and working in construction busting my ass 50- 60 hrs a week not making near enough running someone else's small company, So one evening out of curiosity I logged onto and tried broadcasting and to my surprise I had 75 people in my first show I know that doesn't sound like alot but to me it was at this point and time my confidence level was like a 5 haha so after that day I periodically logged in and did shows and loved every minute of it! Well after a few months doing it I had stopped due to life issues but the whole time I missed it constantly thinking and wondering how far I would've been by now, finally after a while I decided to get back to it, except this time the turn out was even better i was having over 100 sometimes up to 300 people at a time, It was turning out to be a fun and exciting experience just as I imagined, now I am at 10,000 followers and have been doing this steadily and I am absolutely having so much fun everyone that comes in my shows are awesome people I have the best following I could ask for and it grows every single show, I hope these people know just how thankful I am for them! Without Chaturbate and without the great support system I have I wouldn't have gotten this far and I look forward to seeing how far in this industry I can make it, I got my sights set on All the Way!!
    If I was ever chosen for an award or even Nominated I couldnt even imagine the joy, That would by far be the coolest and most awesome thing that has ever happened to me!
    Thank you for taking your time to read about me and I hope you feel like you know me a little better.. xoxo
    Your Friend, SEXCTEXN
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