Brandi S. Hodgson

  • Gender: Female
  • Born on: November 23
  • Role: Cam Model

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  • @myhoneyb23
  • 32 year old promising law school student and rising super cam star. I live in the southern part of Virginia and have the sexiest, sweet-tea-sipping southern voice. I broadcast on and have items and videos for sale on I occasionally broadcast on as well under honeyb23. I love being pampered and played with. I will snort laugh at the worst corny jokes, and am the clumsiest cam model in the world. I cuss like a sailor and drink like a fish. I am highly intelligent and endlessly open minded. I love music. You'll hear my favorite music each time you enter my room. My favorite music includes different genres like southern gothic and If you've never seen a pretty blonde fingering herself on a fluffy white comforter to occasional heavy metal or gritty southern rock, my friend, you have not yet lived.
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