Yasmin Leight

  • Gender: Female
  • Born on: February 12
  • Role: Cam Model

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  • @yas_hott
  • I am a cam girl for two years now.
    I am originally from Lebanon and to start on this industry was something incredible for me specially because of all the taboos of my community.
    At the begining I didn't want anyone to see me and I used to log off when my room starts to get full. because of shame I guess.
    Camming showed me how easy life can be when we lose our wrong concepts about life.
    Now I am a different woman. Self confident and really proud of what I do.
    Everyday my fan bases grow more and more.
    I am at chaturbate for few month and already have 65000+ followers. chaturbate community gave me more than I can say.

  • Cam Model

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