Autumn Sorrow

  • Gender: Female
  • Born on: November 21
  • Role: Cam Model

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  • @Sorrow_Doll
  • I think I've always been an exhibitionist. A shy exhibitionist. As an artist I get a thrill from performing... but something was missing. So in 2016 I started exploring. I was already a Domme in the kink community and an avid student of Shibari. The idea of camming and porn has been in my mind forever.

    Over the next few months it was all I could think about. In January 2017 I quit my job and jumped in without ever looking back. In 8 months I have started my own business and become more self-aware than I ever imagined. I feel this is only the beginning of an amazing journey, and why you should consider my nomination for BEST NEW CAM MODEL OF THE YEAR.

    With ethereal ambience, I capture the complexion of an awkward transgirl next door. Kinky, versatile, cerebral, authentic.

    I still have a small following but there's a strong base of regulars. Why do they keep coming back? Go to my website and find out!
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